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The villagers obtained a judgment against chevron in ecuador in 2011. The chevron ecuador saga may be on life support in brazil, argentina, and the united states, but it is still alive and breathing if not actually kicking in toronto, canada. Its one that the communities affected by the operations of texaco in lago agrio, ecuador, have been holding for more than twenty years, to get. Until 2001, texpet was a whollyowned direct subsidiary of texaco. In 1995, two years after the ecuadorian plaintiffs filed their original lawsuit in the united states, chevron entered into a remediation agreement with the government of ecuador. Govt sees link to parallel enviro case dec 11, 2008 trends. It began in 2003 when ecuadorian citizens instituted proceedings against chevron. The same contract and subsequent agreements established texaco as the operator in charge of all technical operations. Texaco petroleum texpet, which became an indirect subsidiary of chevron following chevron s acquisition of texaco inc. This 1972 memo submitted to the court reveals that texaco s policy while operating in ecuador was to hide evidence of oil spills, by destroying some records and deliberately not keeping others.

A legal case was launched against texaco in 1993, brought by 30,000 indigenous and smallscale farmer amazon inhabitants affected by the oil firms irresponsibility. Defensa del ecuador procuraduria general del estado. Texaco s sham remediation of contamination at well sites amazon defense coalition march 2011. Chevrontexaco oil extraction and legal case, ecuador. Residents of ecuador s lago agrio region have been trying to force chevron to pay for water and soil contamination caused from 1964 to 1992 by texaco, which chevron acquired in 2001. In 2001, chevron purchased texaco, thereby taking on responsibility for the disaster.

As found by the tribunal, chevron has never operated or had assets in ecuador. International tribunal rules for chevron in ecuador case. The new lawsuit in ecuador claimed that texaco now chevron had knowingly used. Since 2001, texaco has been part of the global conglomerate chevron corporation. In an arbitration under the treaty between the united states of america and the republic of ecuador concerning the encouragement and reciprocal protection of investment and the uncitral arbitration rules partial award on the merits march 30, 2010 claimants. Chevron andor texaco techron advantage credit cards. Treaty or bit treaty between the usa and ecuador concerning the encouragement and reciprocal protection of investment. Chevrontexaco case global alliance for the rights of nature. Pdf on aug 24, 2018, cesar santiago and others published analisis.

Law and justice in the age of globalization this is the story of an unequal legal battle. Chevron wins ecuador rainforest oil dumping case bbc news. Court of appeal for ontario yaiguaje, armando wilmer. Ecuador saga has held the arbitration communitys attention for over a decade. To provide you support or other services you request. Chevron wins first of two arbitrations with ecuador mar 30, 2010 tribunal to hear chevron s claim that ecuador lacks judicial independence. We will send you notifications about new features or information available on our. The civil and mercantile chamber of the national justice court of ecuador, november 12, 20, issued its ruling regarding the cassation procedure filed by chevron, formerly texaco.

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