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The struggle for artistic identity a thesis in art history presented to the faculty of the university of missourikansas city in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree master of arts by julie marie stengle m. Unlike many famous artists, rodin didnt become widely established until he was in. Auguste rodin, born in paris on november 12, 1840, was a sculptor whose work had a huge influence on modern art. Camille claudel biography childhood, life achievements. A murit intro relativa obscuritate, dar mai tarziu a ca. Born in northern france, claudels family moved to paris in 1881, where she became recognized early in life for her blossoming artistic talent and her captivating looks. Through the guiltridden words of edouard faret, director of the psychiatric hospital of montdevergues, we are drawn into to the life of an exceptional woman, camille claudel. It was a bust of her brother paul claudel at 37 years of age. He was most famous for his verse dramas, which often convey his devout catholicism. The last original sculpture camille claudel created was made in plaster in 1905 and cast in bronze in 19. He hires her as an assistant, but soon camille begins to sculpt for herself and for rodin.

Sister of writer paul claudel, her enthusiasm impresses alreadyfamous sculptor auguste rodin. Camille claudel unlocked the emotive power of sculpture after centuries of its subtleties were obliterated by excessive polishing and focus on technique. Camille claudel, nome artistico de camille athanaise cecile cerveaux prosper fereen. Camille claudel was a french sculptor known for her work in bronze and stone. Camille claudel in 5 famous sculptures culture trip. But after a while, she would like to get out of his shadow extras. In the 19th century, camille was an unrivalled sculptress and both the student and lover of auguste rodin. Biography camille claudel camille claudel wasnt only the rodins lover or paul claudel s sister, but she was a wonderful artist.

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